ReOpen Business

ReOpen on May 4th, 2020

Our governor, Kate Brown, has refused to move Oregon into the Federal Government’s first phase of Re-opening our state even though we have met all the criteria to do so. Data from the Oregon Health Authority indicates that the time to open Oregon is NOW. The peak is over, Oregon has minimized the impact on our hospitals and the danger of economic disaster is already affecting most of us.

Commissioners, City Mayors and County Sheriffs from across the state have repeatedly asked the governor to allow their communities and businesses to move into the first phase of ReOpening as outlined by the President, but the governor refuses to do so. She has lost all creditability with We, The People, and it is time for us to take action on behalf of ourselves, our communities, businesses and families.

Accordingly, we are encouraging all businesses that are willing and able to safely and responsibly ReOpen Oregon to do so, following federal guidelines as outlined here as well as the recommendations outlined below:

If you open your doors, we will come. We will support you by buying from your business.

Join us as we safely and responsibly ReOpen our businesses, communities and economy for the good of Oregon.