Oregon Uniting for Liberty

“We must exercise our Natural Rights as described in the First Amendment…”

Our nation is set up so that we, The People, directly elect State government leadership and Representatives in the Federal Government. We, The People, retain our power in our Individual Natural Rights. Local Sheriffs have the most in-state power to defend us and our Rights, and resist tyranny from the larger government organizations. The State has power delegated to it by, The People, and the Federal Government has power delegated to it by The States - but none of this actual structure matters if we don’t understand it, and how to exercise the authority that has been reserved to The People of Oregon.

We must exercise our Natural Rights as described in the First Amendment. There are FIVE of them:

🇺🇸Freedom to Practice Religion Unregulated

🇺🇸Freedom of Speech

🇺🇸Freedom of the Press (freedom to communicate by publishing our views)

🇺🇸Freedom to Assemble Peaceably

🇺🇸Freedom to Petition for a Redress of Grievances

If we fail to exercise these rights we lose them. It doesn’t matter if the government has removed them or if we are suppressing them ourselves. Use it or lose it.

To this end, Oregon Uniting for Liberty serves several strategic purposes:

First, and foremost, our goal is Constitutional Education. We need to learn, not only the United States Constitution, but also Oregon’s Constitution. We intend to educate our fellow citizens to empower them to engage our state and stand up for their Natural Rights.

Second, we are calling YOU to stand together with us and specifically exercise your constitutional right to ASSEMBLE to demand that our government address its grievances against us. We will coordinate rally’s, drive by’s and other such events to make our voices heard.

The Third primary objective of this group is to Organize representative campaigns so we can replace current corrupt individuals in our State government with good people who Love Liberty and can resist the temptation that always goes along with an increase in political power.

Join us!

Saturday, May 2nd, Noon @ The Oregon State Capitol