May 2nd Rally

Oregon State Capitol @ Noon

We are calling YOU to stand together and exercise your constitutional right to demand that our government address its grievances against us. We demand that Kate Brown immediately remove any and all unconstitutional restrictions she has placed on Oregon citizens and businesses NOW!

We will gather at the Capitol to make our voices heard. So bring a Homemade Sign, an American Flag and Comfortable Shoes. Some sign suggestions would be: “Liberty is Essential”, “#ReOpenOregon”, “Let Freedom Ring”. If the weather is rainy, bring an umbrella. Other suggested items to bring would be: a megaphone, drum, horn or other item to make noise.

If you are unable to come stand with us, or are concerned about social distancing feel free to drive your car by and let’s honk some horns! Don’t forget to decorate your car with flags, signs or window paint.


* This is a PEACEFUL event. If you’re looking to stir up trouble, stay home! We can have civil discourse on points of disagreement but it needs to remain civil and respectful.

* Porta potties will be provided at the Captiol Mall park across from the capitol.

*Please use the provided garbage cans and not the capitol or park cans. We will have some in both locations. Let’s leave this just as clean or cleaner than when we get there!

*Parking will be free in city street spaces.

*Please remember to use the crosswalks and not block pedestrians on the sidewalk or vehicular traffic.

*The small parking turnout in front of the capitol needs to remain open for emergency personnel in the event of an emergency.

*Please allow 6′ between people when possible.

For those who are high risk or who interact with these who are high risk, we strongly encourage them to heed the CDC guidelines and take the appropriate measures to protect themselves and those who are vulnerable.